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buy wood briquettes near you where to buy wood briquettes
buy wood briquettes near you where to buy wood briquettes
Buy Quality Wood briquettes – the forward-looking fuel

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Wood Briquettes

Buy Wood Briquettes online as they have finally emerged as a competitive option to power your operation being small, and simple to make and use.

Stavnäs Aktiebolag wood briquettes are suitable for every wood, fireplace and tiled stove and are pressed from dry, untreated softwood, hardwood or mixed wood under high pressure. Also, without the addition of binders into evenly sized and hard briquettes. Moreover, Our wood briquettes are characterized by high quality, environmental friendliness and simple, clean handling – proven by the quality certificate for untreated wood briquettes.

Stavnäs Aktiebolag wood briquettes are available as RUF wood briquettes, round wood briquettes or Pini & Kay wood briquettes.

RUF wood briquettes – the clean alternative

Angular RUF wood briquettes are made from clean wood chips (hardwood, softwood or mixed wood). The shape and size is suitable for use in small fireplaces and tiled stoves, for kitchen stoves and central heating. In high quality, with a high calorific value and in handy ten-kilo packs.

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Round wood briquettes with and without a hole – with the best calorific values

In contrast to square wood briquettes, round briquettes are not produced hydraulically, but in a hammer blow process at over 600 bar and are more highly compressed. They burn evenly and form little flame. Moreover, the high density creates a long-lasting bed of embers and thus a longer release of energy.

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Pini & Kay wood briquettes – for long-lasting embers

Our Pini & Kay wood briquettes stand out because of their dark surface and their angular diameter with an inner hole. The so-called draw hole. Pini & Kay wood briquettes are characterized above all by their excellent ember retention.

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Hardwood briquettes from different wood residues

As is well known, the wood briquettes are made from different wood residues, with the hardwood briquettes the customer can assume that only clean wood chips are processed. Due to the small shape and compact size with the dimensions of 15 x 9 x 6 centimeters, the wood briquettes Ruf can be burned in stoves and tiled stoves. In the packaging size of 12 briquettes, the hardwood briquettes are packed together in a foil of 10 kilograms each. The calorific value of the wood briquettes is set at 18,000 kJ per kilogram. The high calorific value of these materials is due to a low moisture content of less than 9 percent. The minimum purchase in our company in the field of hardwood briquettes is an entire truck load. Private households can join forces to realize the delivery. Chat on whatsApp

High calorific value of the wood briquettes

The calorific value of the hardwood briquettes can convince even the biggest doubters, because the high quality enables us to radiate a comfortable warmth. With regard to the energy content, the calorific value can be equated with that of lignite. This in turn is due to the high compression during briquetting. Compared to lignite, the environmental compatibility of hardwood briquettes is more effective, since they produce almost no soot and less ash and sulfur are produced as by-products. Heating with the wood briquettes is therefore a personal contribution to an environmentally conscious way of life, which can ultimately save money. If you would like more information about hardwood briquettes or other natural fuels from Stavnäs Aktiebolag

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